What others say about Willie Wilden

“Willie Wilden lampoons the political, academic, and literary worlds all at the same time. It’s a zany, stylish panorama of American values and foibles.”
—Jim Lesczynski, author of The Walton Street Tycoons

“If Dobrian were a painter, he’d be Goya. His characters are comical, bizarre, grotesque—yet you will love to be in their company, walking in their shoes, seeing through their eyes, and hearing their voices rattle inside you.”
—Lynn Biederman, author of Teenage Waistland

“Dobrian fills a void in today's literary scene. His style is clever but easy to read, and he's unafraid of contrarian positions.”
—Roger Humes, director of The Other Voices International Project

“Roger Ballou is what you’d get if you mated Miss Jean Brodie with Ignatius J. Reilly.”
—Casper Melick, author of Pétain at Yeu: a Novel

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